Here & There


It’s dirty out There
and I rarely feel clean,
The air has disease
and the people are mean.

Here is not pure
a lot is askew,
but Here there is me
and There, there is you.

There it turns dark
It gets hard to see,
hard to see anything
hard to see me.

Here it’s not bright
in fact it gets dim,
but Here there is me
and Here there’s no him.

Out There has no warmth
or comfort or light,
out There there’s you,
out There there’s a fight.

Here it feels numb
yet easy to be,
because Here there’s no you,
Here, there’s just me.

Here can be dirty and dark and cold,
and Here can get lonely
no matter how old.
And the thing about Here,
is she’s harsh and she’s true,
but the best thing of Here,
is Here: there’s no you.

OriginalsBrittany K. King