A List of What I Hate


The new year is a time of love 
and learning to let go,
So let me tell you all the things 
that make my anger blow.

I’ll try to make it snappy 
to reach a better state,
But here’s a list of awful stuff 
in order of my hate:

Sunburn on my shoulders,
Hair on my upper lip, 
When teenaged kids share stupid memes
that make me feel un-hip.

Guys that only drink craft beer 
with really bad tattoos,
And going to a wedding 
where there isn’t any booze.

Cars that don’t have auto lights, 
Mopping all my floors, 
Men that don’t say “thank you miss!”
as I’m holding open doors.

Playing any video game
because I always lose,
When people stand too close to me, 
And turning on the news.

Missing out on hours of sleep
which makes me such a grump,
All those people on TV — 
including Donald Trump.

My arms in sleeveless T-shirts,
And that guy I dated once,
When my period decides to come
more than once a month.

When someone interrupts me,
And people who can’t spell,
When music’s too loud at a bar
which forces you to yell.

There’s a lot that makes me angry
I’ll admit that part is true, 
But one thing I don’t mind too much
is complaining here to you.

OriginalsBrittany K. King