How did you leave?


Did it happen too fast,
or draw out too long?
Did time disappear,
or was it much, much too strong?
Did you take one last look
at what you achieved?

What happens when you leave?
Did you think about me?

How did you leave?
was it cozy and warm,
or colder than ice?
Was it scary and painful,
did it feel kind of nice?
Did you have time to think
about what you believe?

What happens when you leave?
Did you feel set free?

How did you leave?
Was everything blurry,
or suddenly clear?
Did you know it was coming,
or did you feel fear?
Did you see who was there
at the end of it all?

What happens when you leave?
Whose name did you call?

How did you leave?
Were you caught by surprise
or fully aware?
Did you feel my presence,
did you catch my stare?
Did you think it’d come down
to just us in the end?

What happens when you leave?
Can you come back again?

How did you leave?
By your own trembling hand
or the strong hand of me?
Did you know that some actions
I cannot leave be?
Did you feel your own power
or could you feel mine?

Were you ready to leave?
Did you break down and cry?

How do you leave?
When you know that it’s coming
but it’s hard to prepare.
When you’re thinking so much
you can’t find the air.
Do you hold in the air
or take time to breathe?

I know how you leave.
But what about me?

OriginalsBrittany K. King