President's Day


It’s Presidents’ Day,
do you know what to do?
Let’s list all their names:
forty-five in the crew.

We’ll start with Washington 
because he was the first one,
so take a seat and settle
we’ve really just begun.

Adams came after him
and I think there were two?
But don’t take my word
’cause it might be untrue.

Let’s skip forward a bit
all the way to Lincoln,
the 1800s are blurry 
but eventually they’ll sink in.

So wait, who was next?
I think that guy Teddy. 
I think he loved nature 
did I say him already?

Then came Ben Franklin 
and this one I’m sure of! 
Because he’s more popular
than all the ones above.

I just now remember
I forgot about Jefferson.
He invented electricity 
or wait, was that Edison?

Then we have Ford
but that was the sixties,
the same time as Kennedy
and all of the hippies.

Skip forward a little
up to Richard Nixon.
I think that’s his last name,
or maybe it’s Blitzen?

Then there was Bush
there were two of them, too!
Then the non-lady Clinton,
now we’re down to a few.

Obama was recent
and that one I know,
and the guy from TV
who’s everyone’s foe.

I hope you learned something
from what I had to say,
and can name all the presidents
on this President’s Day.

OriginalsBrittany K. King